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Parents, it may all seem like play but singing with your child is actually one of the first steps to childhood literacy! Songs help children learn the rhythms and rhymes of the spoken language. When children actively listen to sounds in music, they are picking up new words and figuring out how these words are broken into syllables. As you sing, point out the various elements on the pages. Making visual connections between the rhymes and the illustrations help children to string the words into phrases, and phrases into stories. Action songs help reinforce this whole body learning and works especially well for kinaesthetic learners. 


Here's Gwen singing some Singaporean Nursery Rhymes from her books. If she can do it, so can you! 


Hickory Dickory Dock Actions

- pretend to be a gecko crawling with your arms

- make the shape of an apartment block over your head

- put your hands over your mouth to "shout"

- cover your eyes at "cry out"

- crawl like a gecko with your arms


Pat-a-Kueh Actions

- pat your hands, alternating top palm

- steam kueh by fanning right hand over left palm

- wave your right pointer finger to indicate "no"

- stir with a pretend spoon and pour out the pan

- cut with one hand and serve with both



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