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Gwen Lee writer Little Cloud Wants Snow!
Little Cloud Wants Snow!

ISBN-10 9814398276

ISBN-13 9789814398275

Little Cloud wants to make a snowman but he lives in the tropics where it doesn't snow. Together with Mama Cloud, they set out on an adventure to find snow. Young children will be enthralled by the beautiful illustrations in this book even as they are introduced to the different types of clouds and the water cycle. 


Does your child ever ask you how clouds are formed? Or why it rains or snows? It’s never too early to initiate a conversation about weather science with your young one. A recommended book at the Read! Singapore 2014, Little Cloud Wants Snow! is used as teaching material in Texas, USA to educate children about weather science.


“It's rare to find a young child's book that captures the spirit of adventure, imagination and science all piled into one small book.”


“The story reflects a mother's immaculate love for her baby. Any toddler listening to this story long enough would eventually appreciate this bonding, described aptly in words by the author.”


The Little Cloud bilingual (English/Mandarin) app is available on iTunes.

nursery rhymes for Singaporean children
There Was a Peranakan Woman
Who Lived in a Shoe

ISBN 9789810778675

In this book of modernised nursery rhymes, original rhymes are recreated with Singaporean flavour and humour. With a focus on traditional everyday food, local places, and festivals There was a Peranakan Woman who Lived in a Shoe is a book that resonates with the Singaporean child and will surely be a classic for generations to come. 


“Illustrated by Cheryl Kook, the sing-a-long songs encapsulate life on our sunny island, from hawker food to traditional festivals, making this a fun way to teach little ones about their heritage.”
—Time Out Singapore


“A hilarious collection of traditional nursery rhymes whose words have been altered to reflect a Singaporean context…Through the illustrations and the text the book cleverly reflects Singapore’s different ethnic identities (Chinese, Malay and Indian) and the festivities that are generally associated with them.”
—Nicola, Wugs and Dooey

Greco & Beco The Glass House
The Adventures of Greco & Beco:
The Glass House

ISBN 9789810945251

Greco and Beco are visiting their friend Nor, who lives in Kampong Hijau, the greenest neighbourhood in Singapore. The residents are very upset! Someone is building a house made entirely out of glass, called the Glass House. The house is anything but greenit relies entirely on air-conditioning, giving out great amounts of wasted heat into the neighbouring homes. Worst of all, several trees have to be cut down to make way for the house! Find out how Greco and Beco can help

their friends make Kampong Hijau green again.

nursery rhymes for Singaporean children
Jack and Jill at Bukit Timah Hill

ISBN 9789814615853

In the second volume of Singaporean Nursery RhymesGwen Lee has taken traditional nursery rhymes and given them a Singaporean twist, adding local humour and flavour to many classics like Little Boy Blue, Jack and Jill and I Had a Little Nut Tree.

nursery rhymes for Singaporean children
Elizabeth Meets the Queen:
A War Heroine's Journey

ISBN 9789814757003

Elizabeth Meets the Queen tells a story of bravery and selflessness, through the life and experiences of Singapore war heroine Elizabeth Choy. Born in the jungles of Borneo, Elizabeth travels to Singapore and becomes a teacher, but she and her husband go through much hardship and torture as a result of helping prisoners-of-war during the Japanese Occupation. Yet, Elizabeth's spirit remains unbroken. Journey with our wartime heroine as she overcomes adversity to meet her namesake, Queen Elizabeth of England, and become one of Southeast Asia's most celebrated women.

Greco & Beco The Glass House
The Adventures of Greco & Beco:
The School in the Glass City

ISBN 9789814779296

Alex is not just mean to his schoolmates Bucky and Gaia; he also doesn’t think twice about wasting natural resources! When things get out of hand, Greco and Beco decide to intervene. With the help of a little magic, they transport Alex forward in time. The Singapore of 2047 looks picture-perfect, but is it really? Follow Greco and Beco as they reveal the key to a sustainable future.

C00 Cover-lowres.jpg
I say, “Good morning!” You say, “早上好!”:
A Bilingual Teddy Book: English-Chinese (Simplified)

ISBN 979-8665308524

A heartwarming story about a child's day with Bilingual Teddy. Follow the two characters as they go through their morning routine, head outside to play, eat, and finally get ready for bed. Packed full of useful words like colors, numbers, and food, as well as simple phrases, this is a good introduction to Chinese for young children.

Also available in Japanese and Korean.

VivoCity Singapore architecture book
City of Waves: VivoCity

ISBN 6010651004351

Designed by renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito and named by Forbes Traveler as one of the Top 10 mega-malls in Asia, VivoCity sets a new benchmark for modern shopping malls. Its bold and fluid architecture has helped to establish it as an architectural icon, bridging the gap between man-made and natural environments. Envisioned as a lifestyle destination with an art and design infused architecture, VivoCity offers a new definition to shopping in the 21st century. City of Waves: VivoCity brings to life the story of VivoCity and chronicles the process of building the living city that is VivoCity.

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