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Gwen Lee author


Gwen Lee has lived in five countries, worked in four, and speaks three languages. Deeply influenced by the Japanese culture, she grew up dreaming of becoming a graphic novel artist but eventually embarked on a more practical path of designing buildings. In her final year at University College London, Gwen discovered that deep down, what she really wanted to do was to tell stories. In 2012, Gwen won the Singapore National Arts Council’s Beyond Words contest and published her first children's book Little Cloud Wants Snow! A recommended book for the Read! Singapore Festival 2014, Little Cloud Wants Snow! has been translated to Korean and Mandarin, and is being used by schools in Texas, USA, to educate children about weather science.


Today, Gwen is one of the few interdisciplinary writers straddling the fields of architecture and literature, writing for both children and adults alike. She also writes adult fiction, and was recently selected to participate in Aspen Summer Words. As a writing mentor, she enjoys helping other writers develop their unique voices. Gwen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.

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